Plant a Tree with us Plant a Tree with us

Plant a tree with us

A tiny but meaningful action.

We have partnered with Tree-Nation, an organization committed to combating climate change and reforesting the planet.

For every purchase made online, a tree will be planted, a simple yet powerful gesture to counterbalance our carbon footprint and safeguard the environment we inhabit. We acknowledge that while we excel in selling premium leggings, we are not great gardeners. Therefore, we leave this to our trusted partner.

How do I plant my tree?

After placing your order, you will receive a seperate email from Tree-Nation with the title 'Style Active by Chloe offered you a tree on Tree-Nation'.

Open that email, click the link, go to the Tree-Nation webpage and plant your own tree in the Style Active by Chloe forest!

Transparency and proofs

We chose to partner with Tree-Nation not only because of their global dedication but also their transparency. Every tree they plant is accompanied by a certificate containing all pertinent details, such as the planter's identity, the tree's location, species, and amount of carbon dioxide absorbed. As a result, both we & you can access all of this information.

The Eden Project in Madagascar

One of the many projects we are involved in through Tree Nation.

For more information please get in touch with us at