Liz Aitken - SABC Inspirational Woman of the month

Liz Aitken - May 23

We have been so inspired by the remarkable journey of one of our amazing SABC Tribe members, Liz Aitken, and her incredible accomplishments. Her story fills us with motivation, empowerment and awe, and I recently had the privilege of chatting with Liz to delve into her extraordinary pursuits.

Just 3 short years ago Liz fearlessly ventured into the world of competitive strong woman competitions, and today, she is proudly ranked 3rd in Australia for her weight division. When I asked Liz what motivates her? She replied “Getting to the top and being the best I can be. I want to be Australia’s strongest woman in the middle weights under 82kg category.”

Liz Aitken 3rd National Strongwoman CompetitionHowever, it's not just her achievements that captivate our admiration, but rather her profound motivation to create opportunities for women in this awe-inspiring sport. After watching Liz lift my PB Deadlift weight and make it look like a warm-up, I asked her how she felt about being a role model? “It warms my heart. I love seeing women getting into the gym and training and doing something for themselves.”

Liz was recently successful with a grant for the "Change Our Game" initiative, a transformative endeavour aimed at equalizing the playing field for women and girls in sports and active recreation.

This embodies her tireless commitment to fostering inclusivity and breaking down barriers and as part of this initiative, on Sunday, January 20th, Liz will host the empowering Sisters in Strength workshop. This exceptional gathering will provide women with a haven to experience the sport of strongwoman, alongside some of the most outstanding athletes in our nation.

Liz’s strong passion for weight lifting and seeing more women in the weights area at the gym is so inspiring and encouraging. When asked what advice she would give someone that’s at the very beginning of a fitness journey? Liz replied “Just get started, don’t wait till Monday, don’t wait till an event is over, just get in and do it. Just go one session at a time, just go day by day and don’t push yourself too hard or be too hard on yourself. Just think about creating healthy habits and those little life changes. If you do all those things, you will achieve huge things over time.”

The workshop in January will focus on nurturing empowerment, cultivating a resilient mindset, and fearlessly challenging the restrictive confines of female stereotypes. It welcomes women of all fitness levels and welcomes complete beginners to the sport.

The message is clear: Just give it a try!

I loved how Liz had an extremely clear understanding of not only what she wants to achieve but why she exercises. Without any hesitation, Liz said “Because I love what I do and I love the huge changes it’s had on my physical and mental health. I find if I haven’t moved my body and gotten to the gym for the day I’m a lot more stressed and a lot more fatigued. It’s changed a lot of my negative thought patterns around negative body image and I now feel like I have completely transformed.”

Through her remarkable endeavours, Liz inspires us all to embrace our potential, unite as a sisterhood, and boldly forge ahead on our extraordinary paths.

To learn more about this event click this link 

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