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Abby Dunell - June 23

Abby Dunell Inspirational Member of the month

Some extraordinary individuals radiate inspiration and empower others through their passion and Abby Dunell, the face behind “Pilates by Abby” does all the above. Her energy is contagious, her warmth is inviting, and her commitment to her client's success is inspiring. That's why Abby is our SABC Inspirational Woman of the Month!

Over the last few months, I have been lucky enough to get to know Abby and witness her incredible drive and self belief first hand. Abby went from working as an instructor to kicking off her own business from home to now opening a beautiful studio. When I asked Abby what made her take the leap? she replied, "Because the only thing more daunting than taking the leap, is to actually not take the leap at all." 

Abby (34) grew up in Dunsborough, WA and has been lucky enough to live in lots of different places around Australia as well as overseas. Having moved to Warrnambool in 2021 with her husband, and 3 children, Duke (6), Lola (4), and Rocket (2) they plan on calling “The Bool” their forever hometown.   

Abby has always had a great interest in Pilates and always planned on moving into the industry after having her 3rd child ‘Rocket’, Abby decided to study Pilates through Barre Body. After finding a gap in the market for Pilates over the Christmas period Abby took the leap and started doing Mat Pilates from her transformed garage. After seeing the flow of regular clientele Abby decided it was time to push her limits and expand into a studio. That is how Pilates by Abby was born.

Pilates by Abby

As you walk into the Pilates by Abby studio you are welcomed by the most beautiful space. You automatically feel relaxed, calm and ready to invest the next 45 minutes into yourself. Abby's classes are always engaging, and challenging but somehow still have you feeling calm after. I couldn't help but ask Abby to put into words why she loves Pilates so much? Abby replied “Pilates just makes me really happy. The movement, the flow, the progression, the strength and the benefits of how it makes you feel physically and mentally I think Pilates is the best form of exercise in the world! I believe in Pilates and that’s because I get to see the results on my wonderful clients' faces. There is nothing better than a client finally being able to complete a sequence they have tried to practice to perfection, and then they make it happen! It’s almost like you get their second-hand endorphins.”

I asked Abby what the future holds for Pilates by Abby, She replied “It’s a little unknown, I have been looking into Pilates retreats and hiking weekends as a group into areas like halls gap. I will continue to learn and grow my knowledge through the industry and see where it all takes me. I would love to grow the business, but I have a very clear vision on how I want it to look, every aspect has to be authentic and done with the right vision, and that can all take time.”

One thing that couldn’t go overlooked is Abby’s ability to juggle family life and business owner life. I asked Abby How do you do it and what's your suggestion to other mothers wanting to strive for their dreams. Abby replied “I’m still really trying to figure out, I struggle with mum guilt a lot, as most of us do. However I do like to keep myself focused on the bigger picture, and that includes what sort of role model I want to be for my family. By being role models ourselves and instilling healthy habits in our children, we can cultivate a lifelong appreciation for fitness and overall well-being.”

I make sure I’m still the parent to pick up and drop off my children from school, Kinder and childcare, I also make sure from 3pm-6pm I try my hardest to put my phone away so I can be with my children and really interact wether that’s us playing outside, walking the dog or playing hide and seek. My suggestions to other women would be to not give yourself a hard time, We carry a lot of pressure, kids, relationships, friendships it’s all work, so whether you are starting off a business or a stay at home parent it’s hard and nothing is easy, talk to your family and friends and just let them know when things get hard, chances are they are also trying to figure it out too. If you are starting a business my advice would be, be passionate, authentic and make sure what service you are giving is an honest service.

Though Abby humbly questions her role model status, her impact on those around her are undeniable. Her genuine support for others and her recognition of their efforts exemplifies the qualities of true inspiration. Abby reminds us that we all have the potential to uplift and inspire others. Let us draw inspiration from Abby and embrace our unique paths, knowing that by staying true to ourselves and pursuing our dreams with unwavering determination, we can create a positive ripple effect in the lives of those around us.

if you would like to check out Pilates by Abby head over to her Instagram page by click this link

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